June 8, 2023

“A Small Light.” The show is a Turkish drama that explores themes of family, grief, and hope.

The review praises the show’s nuanced and empathetic portrayal of its characters and their experiences, particularly the lead character Deniz, played by Ece YĆ¼ksel. Allen notes that the show takes its time to develop its characters and storylines, allowing for a more immersive and emotionally resonant viewing experience.

Allen also notes the show’s beautiful and evocative cinematography, which captures the natural beauty of the show’s coastal setting. He praises the show’s use of light and shadow to convey the characters’ emotional states and the mood of the story.

While acknowledging that the show may not be for everyone, particularly those who prefer faster-paced and more action-packed storytelling, Allen ultimately recommends “A Small Light” as a powerful and moving drama that offers a unique and memorable viewing experience.

Overall, the review provides a detailed analysis of “A Small Light,” highlighting its strengths and weaknesses while also providing valuable insights into the show’s approach to storytelling and character development. Fans of international dramas and emotional storytelling may find the review to be a useful resource in deciding whether to watch the series

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