June 8, 2023
"Asteroid City: Scarlett Johansson's Stellar Performance Shines, but Why Is Wes Anderson's Latest Film Failing to Charm?"

Scarlett Johansson Shines in ‘Asteroid City’ Alongside Stellar Cast, but Struggles with Excessive Wes Anderson Quirkiness

In the whimsical world of Wes Anderson, where retro-theatrical artifice and meticulous design reign supreme, ‘Asteroid City lands as the director’s latest cosmic comedy about love, family, and prodigious geniuses. Led by an all-star ensemble including Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Steve Carell, Hong Chau, and Margot Robbie, the film adds new members to Anderson’s informal repertory company. However, amidst the enchanting quirks and idiosyncrasies that define Anderson’s style, ‘Asteroid City’ becomes marooned in an overwhelming sense of contrived whimsy that fails to captivate.

Apologies to Guns N’ Roses, but venturing into the realms of Asteroid City proves to be an underwhelming experience. The tired tropes and lackluster humor drain the film of its potential charm, leaving the audience yearning for respite.

Let me clarify from the start—I bear no animosity towards Wes Anderson. I understand that he is perhaps the most easily parodied contemporary American director. His affinity for meticulously crafted retro aesthetics, nested narratives, instantly recognizable framing and camera movements, characters oozing with dry wit, and plots drenched in mannered preciousness all contribute to his distinct storytelling style. When these elements align harmoniously, Anderson’s manicured worlds can be truly enchanting. Yet, there are times when his meticulously constructed universes stifle the very charm they aim to evoke. This brings us to ‘Asteroid City.’

Premiering at the esteemed Cannes competition ahead of its June 23 release through Focus Features, this adorably saccharine film joins the ranks of Anderson’s more distancing works, such as ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ and ‘The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.’

Anderson’s self-satisfaction is particularly evident when he seems to be spinning his wheels. Like a precocious child lost in an intricately designed sandbox filled with peculiar action figures and quaint toys, Anderson’s characters find themselves stranded in a fictional desert town in the American Southwest during the year 1955. Isolation ensues after an encounter with extraterrestrial beings prompts the government to impose a military quarantine on the town’s minuscule population of 87.

At the heart of the chaos lies a group of exceptionally gifted teenagers accompanied by their parents, attending the Junior Stargazers convention. The convention celebrates their eccentric scientific inventions, culminating in an awards ceremony set in the basin of a colossal meteorite crater. Adding to the Anderson-esque atmosphere, Tilda Swinton portrays an eccentric astronomer, who bestows an annual scholarship upon a fortunate young space enthusiast. However, engaging with characters and situations that feel meticulously crafted and trapped within a script offering limited emotional development becomes a challenge, especially when the director himself appears detached from them.

The exception to this emotional detachment comes in the form of Augie Steinbeck (Jason Schwartzman), a war photographer who recently widowed, and Midge Campbell (Scarlett Johansson), a movie star with a history of tumultuous relationships. Through a series of fleeting but intense encounters framed by the windows of their neighboring bungalows at the Motor Court Motel, a connection blossoms, tinged with longing and hidden pain. Simultaneously, their children, Woodrow (Jake Ryan) and Dinah (Grace Edwards), experience the burgeoning of young love.

Schwartzman and Johansson deliver standout performances, infusing their characters with poignant yearning and buried anguish. Yet, each time their narrative thread begins to acquire substance, Anderson veers away into superfluous vignettes or finicky details

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