June 8, 2023

Bhagyashree, who made her stunning debut with Maine Pyar Kiya, recently opened up about a bizarre incident when a press reporter walked into her hospital room just hours after she gave birth to her son Abhimanyu and asked her husband Himalaya Dasani about her affair with Salman Khan.
Recalling the incident in a chat show, Bhagyashree talked about the scandalous reporting that used to happen back in the time and how misinformation was spread about celebrities. She said that nobidy said something like that throughout the entire course of Maine Pyar Kiya. She added that Salman was such a gentleman and there was nothing between them.
She further said that she had just given birth to Abhimanyu and her sister-in-law was outside her room. The reporter in question came by with a big bouquet and asked to meet her to congratulate her. “She came in, looked at Himalaya, and said, ‘How do you feel about Bhagyashree’s affair with Salman Khan, and now she has this kid with you?’”

Bhagyashree was so shocked at how badly people can treat each other. She was so upset by this incident that she stopped reading film magazines, barred them getting at home and she decided to distance herself from the film industry.
She also spoke about Salman’s gentlemanly gesture to personally calling Himalaya and Abhimanyu to also appear for cameos along with her in his recently released film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. After her debut in 1989, Bhagyashree gave up acting to start her family with Himalaya with whom she has two children, son Abhimanyu and daughter Avantika.

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