June 8, 2023
The Kerala Story
The Kerala Story

“The Kerala Story.” The film, directed by Rajeeshlal Vamsha, tells the story of two young men from Kerala who travel to the United States in search of a better life.

The review praises the film’s direction, cinematography, and performances by the lead actors. It notes that the film offers a realistic portrayal of the struggles faced by immigrants in the US, as well as the challenges of maintaining their cultural identity in a foreign land.

The article also commends the film for its treatment of social issues such as racism and the exploitation of immigrant workers. It notes that the film’s commentary on these issues is subtle and nuanced, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions.

Overall, the review concludes that “The Kerala Story” is a well-crafted film that offers a poignant and insightful look into the immigrant experience. It recommends the film to anyone interested in thought-provoking cinema.

In summary, “The Kerala Story” is a film that explores themes of identity, culture, and the immigrant experience in the US. The film has been praised for its direction, cinematography, and performances, as well as its treatment of social issues. It offers a nuanced and thought-provoking look at the challenges faced by immigrants in a foreign land.

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