June 8, 2023
"Jennifer Lopez's Stellar Performance in 'The Mother' Defies the Endangered Movie Star Trend"

The movie star is a rare breed these days, but Jennifer Lopez shines as one of the few remaining true stars in the film industry. Her latest project, “The Mother,” directed by Niki Caro and written by Misha Green, benefits greatly from her presence. While the film itself may be generic and suitable for casual viewing, Lopez’s star power elevates it to another level.

“The Mother” follows the story of an FBI informant, played by Lopez, who narrowly escapes a violent attack and later gives birth to a baby girl. Faced with the choice of living on the run or giving up her parental rights, she chooses the latter but remains emotionally committed to her daughter. When a friend warns her of her daughter’s danger on her 12th birthday, she springs into action.

Lopez’s performance in “The Mother” is captivating, much like her role in “Hustlers.” She brings excitement to the screen with her physicality, whether it’s swinging a knife, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, or executing precise sniper moves. Her background as a dancer translates into seamless action choreography, making her scenes a thrill to watch.

The film takes a turn halfway through as the focus shifts to the bonding between the mother and daughter during a wilderness survival course. While the film’s length may be a drawback at 115 minutes, it’s hard to pinpoint which scenes could have been trimmed. The quieter moments between Lopez and her young co-star Lucy Paez, who plays Zoe, provide authentic performances and add depth to their characters.

However, the film falls short in terms of its villains, portrayed by Joseph Fiennes and Gael Garcia Bernal. Their characters lack depth and come off as one-dimensional cardboard cut-outs. Their obsession with The Mother drives the narrative forward, but they pale in comparison to the central characters.

In conclusion, “The Mother” benefits greatly from Jennifer Lopez’s star power and her ability to carry a film. While the plot may be generic and the villains underdeveloped, Lopez’s performance, especially in action sequences, is a standout. The film could have benefited from more moments of emotional depth between the central characters, but overall, Lopez’s presence makes it a worthwhile watch.

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