Wednesday , April 17 2024
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23-year-old Faridabad girl on digital arrest for ’17 days’; how to protect your children from cyber crime

During the time when the girl was on ‘digital arrest for 17 days’, she could not tell anything to her family, who were also living in the same house, as per reports. Her family members thought that the girl was doing some important work on the laptop. Protecting children from cybercrime and fraud in today’s digital age is crucial. Start by having conversations about online safety, cyber threats, and the importance of privacy. Teach children about the risks of sharing personal information, interacting with strangers online, and the consequences of clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown files.

Monitor your child’s online activities by being involved in their digital world. Supervise younger children during their online sessions and maintain an ongoing dialogue about their online experiences. Encourage them to talk openly about any concerns or incidents they encounter online. Foster an environment where children feel comfortable discussing their online experiences without fear of punishment.

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