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Moong Dal Cheela: Try This Grandma-Recommended Breakfast For A Protein Boost


Many people resort to consuming protein powders and protein bars to increase their protein intake. However, if you are looking for natural and vegetarian protein food sources, a beloved grandma is here to your rescue. Vijay Nischal, popularly known as ‘dadi‘ on Instagram through her page @dadikirasoi01, has recently shared this protein-rich breakfast recipe. Any guess what it is? A humble, healthy, and delicious Moong Dal cheela. It is easy to cook and is packed with lots of nutrients. Let’s check out Dadi’s Moong Dal cheela recipe.

How to Make Protein-Rich Moong Dal Cheela | Moong Dal Cheela Recipe From Grandma’s Kitchen:

Add 200g soaked moong dal in a blender along with chopped green chillies, salt, and some red chilli powder. Grind it all together to get a thick batter. Now put a pan on the stove and apply a little ghee on it. Sprinkle a dash of water on the pan. Now spread the cheela batter on the pan in a circular motion. Once it cooks from the bottom, flip it to cook from the other side. Serve with mint chutney. Enjoy!

“24g high protein (moong dal) cheela with Dadi,” reads the caption of the recipe video. Watch the full reel here:

What Are the Health Benefits of Moong Dal Cheela?

Yellow moong dal, also called split and skinned Green Gram Beans, is a powerhouse of nutrients. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100g of yellow moong dal contains 25g of protein, 36mg of calcium, and 89 IU of vitamin A, among other nutrients. According to the book, ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House, moong is also a rich fibre source that helps lower cholesterol and promote heart health.
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More From Dadi’s Healthy Recipes

Talented Dadi, Vijay Nischal, started her journey of content creation with the YouTube channel, ‘Dadi Ki Rasoi,‘ at the age of 85. She soon became a big hit and is much loved by her followers. She keeps sharing simple and delicious recipes on her social media handles. Recently, Dadi shared a healthy and tasty summer-special Kaanji recipe on her Instagram handle. Take a look:

Did you like Dadi’s healthy and tasty recipes? Share your views in the comments section.
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