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Angela Levin reveals big truth about King Charles wife Queen Camilla

Royal commentator Angela Levin has revealed a big truth about King Charles III’s wife Queen Camilla amid the monarch’s worrying health condition.

The royal author has praised Camilla for her steadfastness and loyalty to her husband Charles, saying she would “sacrifice herself” to save the King.

“She has gone to as many engagements as possible that King Charles would have done, which is a huge load, but she’ll do it with grace, Angela claimed while speaking on GB News.

It comes as the King was diagnosed with cancer last week, meaning that Queen Camilla has been forced to step up her royal duties and take extra responsibilities. 

Levin went on praising the Queen in her own words, saying: “So she would do her absolute best to stand by him. She never wanted to be in the spotlight and she disliked giving speeches. But she’s learned all that and I think it’s a marvelous thing that she’s done.”

Camilla was recently driven for six hours to go to a charity in a local church. And it was just astonishing that she would do that.

The Queen is considered King Charles’s diehard fan as she always stands by his side amid crisis. The 75-year-old monarch, who’s under treatment after being diagnosed with cancer, also trusts her the most.

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