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Arnold Schwarzenegger gets candid about Travis and Jason Kelce’s aspirations for Hollywood

Arnold Schwarzenegger speculates Travis and Jason Kelce ‘auditioning’ for movies

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks candidly about Travis and Jason Kelce’s aspirations to work in Hollywood.

During an appearance on the latest episode of Kelce brothers’ New Heights podcast, the Terminator star said, “A lot of times you guys do the show where you were in another place and you were in another place and it’s a split-screen thing, which really works well.”

However, Arnold pointed out, “Now, you’re together because you’re in Hollywood. I’m not stupid, right? I said, ‘There’s a reason why those guys are out here together in Hollywood.”

“And there’s all kinds of interviews being scheduled, I know, for movie parts,” added the actor and former governor.

Elsewhere in the interview, Travis questioned whether Arnold “had any parts in mind” for the NFL star and Jason.

To which, the True Lies actor replied, “You guys have it lined up. You just don’t want to give it away right now. I know the way this works.”

Reflecting on his acting career, Arnold told the brothers, “I am very happy with the overall, kind of, inventory of what I’ve created in show business.”

Travis gushed over Arnold’s career move from bodybuilding to acting, adding, “You were never nervous or seemed scared to jump into a new world, something that you weren’t known for.”

Meanwhile, Travis is approached to host a new version of the game show, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, titled Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity, for Amazon’s Prime Video.

An insider spilled to the Us Weekly that the NFL star “will begin rehearsal and media coaching in the next few weeks before filming commences this summer”.

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