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‘AZAAN’ invites listeners on a soul-stirring musical journey | The Express Tribune

Singer and composer Azaan Sami Khan has sent ripples through the music world with the much-anticipated release of his sophomore album, AZAAN. After a year-long journey of tantalizing his fans with glimpses into the creative process, the album follows in the footsteps of his successful debut, Main Tera (2021).

The musical odyssey consists of eight tracks, each a unique expression of emotions, including Maa, Nadaan Dil, Beby, Aap Hi Rehtay Hain Dil Main, Husn e Jaan, Ham Dam, Man Marzi, and Rang De. Azaan treated his audience to a visual feast by releasing a trailer in October, providing a sneak peek into the album’s diverse personas. The trailer, featuring appearances from Sanam Saeed, Syra Yousuf, and Aena Khan, set the stage for a visually dynamic and emotionally rich musical experience.

In a recent interview, Azaan shared that the album is a personal journey translated into music, delving into different sounds and blending them with familiar tunes from his past. The album, rooted in his love for the larger-than-life emotions found in ‘filmy’ music, invites listeners to connect with a myriad of feelings.

“My music will always be somewhat biographical in nature. It will always give you the most real insight into who I am. And with this album, I like that there’s a certain randomness to it. If I try to define it too much or make it binary, it might actually take away from it. I’m enjoying the most this time around is that I feel a bit freer,” he expressed.

Choosing to name the album after himself, Azaan stated, “I named it Azaan because I felt like it was very intimate. It was what I was feeling at that time. If anything, it’s a random collection of emotions of mine that I felt over the past couple of years.”

The album’s release journey commenced with the enchanting Nadaan Dil, the video for which was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. Adding a personal touch, Azaan shared a snippet of another track, Maa, from a heartfelt performance dedicated to his mother, Zeba Bakhtiar, on a local show.

Ahead of the album release on November 12th, Azaan unveiled the music video for Beby, a collaboration with Filmwala Pictures, directed by Nabeel Qureshi and produced by Fizza Meerza, featuring Aena Khan. These early releases offered a glimpse into the diverse palette of emotions that AZAAN encompasses, spanning various genres and moods. As of now, AZAAN is available for streaming on all major platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the soul-stirring journey crafted by the musician.

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