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Biden makes TikTok debut with Super Bowl-themed Q&A, hinting at youth voter outreach

30-second clip, captioned “lol hey guys,” shows Biden watching the Super Bowl at home

President Biden made his TikTok debut with a Super Bowl-themed question-and-answer video, reflecting a potential effort to engage with the youth vote in his reelection campaign, The Hill reported. 

The 30-second clip, captioned “lol hey guys,” shows Biden watching the Super Bowl at home, answering rapid-fire questions about the game and playfully refusing to pick sides. 

Notably, he pledged allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles, the first lady’s team, and humorously chose himself when asked to pick between him and former President Donald Trump.

While more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers use TikTok, the platform has faced scrutiny from Republicans due to concerns about its parent company’s ties to the Chinese government. 

Biden’s direct engagement on TikTok signals a strategic move to connect with the app’s substantially younger audience. The platform has been leveraged by the White House previously for spreading messages on COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, making Biden’s foray into TikTok a potential avenue for reaching and influencing younger voters, a significant demographic on the platform.

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