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David Tennant fans get rare glimpse of family ahead of Doctor Who return


David Tennant fans have received a rare glimpse of his family, ahead of his much-anticipated return to Doctor Who.

The actor will return to the BBC family sci-fi show in scenes airing on Saturday (25 November), after exiting the series in 2010.

During his three-season tenure as The Doctor, the Scottish star met his future wife Georgia Tennant, who played the doctor’s artificially-generated daughter Jenny in a 2008 episode.

David and Georgia married in 2011, and share five children, including Georgia’s eldest son Ty from a previous relationship.

On Friday (24 November), in celebration of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, Georgia shared some photos with David and their family, along with some words about what the programme has meant to her throughout the years.

One of the images shows Georgia and David smiling while surrounded by four of their children, all with blue heart emojis covering their faces for privacy.

David Tennant, Georgia Tennant and their family

(Instagram – Georgia Tennant)

“Ugh gosh where do I start?!” the actor wrote. “Doctor Who has always been there, embedded deep in the fabric of my existence and it seems it always will be.”

Georgia’s father, Peter Davison, played the Fifth Doctor in the 1980s, connecting her to the franchise from a young age.

“During childhood it entertained me with weekends spent in convention halls with my dad,” she continued.

“As I grew up it gave me a career and then in an unlikely timey wimey series of events gave me a family and now my children will tell a similar (but even less likely) story. It’s a joy to be part of the Who family in every sense of that.

“Thank you for it all. Happy Birthday old boy x.”

One of the images included in Georgia’s post includes a promotional image with David, showing them smiling at one another.

Ty, 21, is the only family member not visible in the photo carousel, and left the joking comment: “Where am I?”

Others chimed in with appreciation for Georgia’s post, with one fan claiming that “it is not up for debate that the best thing that happened in the Whoniverse is that you two met”.

Another Doctor Who fan added: “The Whovians love you, David, your Mum and Dad and your beautiful family Georgia. Happy 60th birthday Doctor Who.”

Doctor Who airs on Saturday 25 November at 6.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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