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Donald Trump suffers big set back ahead of US Elections 2024

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suffers setback ahead of 2024 elections. — Reuters

Former US president Donald Trump may have suffered a great setback amid his White House reelection bid as Americans believe that the Republican attempted to subvert the rule of law and undermined the institutions, in a survey reported by Inquisitor.

The survey was carried out by CBS News/YouGov that help understand people’s perceptions about former president Donald Trump after he left the Oval Office.

The Hill reported that 51% of people think the 77-year-old Trump tried to employ unconstitutional means to serve for the second time as a president.

Some 29% thought that the business mogul used legal options to remain in power however, 20% disagreed.

According to the report, the survey was carried out after his fourth indictment in August in which he faced four felonies relating to overturning the Georgia election result in 2020 — the state he lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

In the survey, 54% of people considered Trump’s attempt in Georgia as a threat to US democracy, whereas 17% considered it positive.

The majority of US citizens or 59% believed that the four criminal indictments and his legal troubles are attempts to block his way to the White House. 

At least 57% of people also claimed that it is to protect the law and 52% believe that it safeguards democracy.

Aligning with Trump’s claim, 1/3 of people regarded the cases as personal while 56% of the GOP members thought that they were an attack on similar individuals.

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