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Hamas releases 13 Israeli hostages, 11 others as cease-fire holds


The terrorist group Hamas released their first wave of hostages, beginning a four-day exchange that has paused the violence in Gaza.

Twenty-four hostages were transported out of Gaza via the Rafah border crossing on Friday, according to the Times of Israel, citing Israeli officials.

At least 10 Thai nationals and 13 Israelis were released into the care of Red Cross personnel, who were seen carrying those rescued via ambulance from Gaza into Egypt. The Israeli hostages were then expected to be transported to Israel to receive care at various hospitals.

Qatar, a key player in the cease-fire deal negotiations, said 24 hostages had been released in total, including 10 Thai citizens and a Filipino citizen. Earlier, the Thai Foreign Ministry had said that 12 Thai citizens had been released by Hamas.

Israel’s government confirmed the names and ages of the Israeli hostages released:


– Doron Katz-Asher, 34

Israeli Hostages Doron Katz-Asher

Doron Katz-Asher (Bring Them Home Now)

– Raz Asher, 4

Israeli Hostages Raz Asher

Raz Asher (Bring Them Home Now)

– Aviv Asher, 2

Israeli Hostages Aviv Asher

Aviv Asher (Bring Them Home Now)

– Daniel Aloni, 45

Israeli Hostages Daniel Aloni

Daniel Aloni (Bring Them Home Now)

– Amelia Aloni, 5

Israeli Hostages Amelia Aloni,

Amelia Aloni (Bring Them Home Now)

– Ruth Munder, 78

Israeli Hostages Ruth Munder

Ruth Munder (Bring Them Home Now)

– Keren Munder, 54

Israeli Hostages Keren Munder

Keren Munder (Bring Them Home Now)

– Ohad Munder, 9

Israeli Hostages Ohad Munder

Ohad Munder (Bring Them Home Now)

– Adina Moshe, 72

Israeli Hostages Adina Moshe

Adina Moshe (Bring Them Home Now)

– Hannah Katzir, 76

Israeli Hostages Hannah Katzir

Hannah Katzir (Bring Them Home Now)

– Margalit Moses, 77

Israeli Hostages

Margalit Moses (Bring Them Home Now)

– Hanna Perry, 79

Israeli Hostages Hannah Peri

Hanna Perry (Bring Them Home Now)

– Yaffa Adar, 85

Israeli Hostages

Yaffa Adar (Bring Them Home Now)

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a four-day cease-fire, during which the terrorist group will release 50 women and children taken in the Oct. 7 attack on Israel in exchange for 150 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel.

Red Cross ambulances carry hostages as part of Israel-Hamas deal

A Red Cross vehicle, part of a convoy believed to be carrying hostages abducted by Hamas militants during the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, arrives at the Rafah border amid a hostages-prisoners swap deal between Hamas and Israel, as seen from southern Gaza Strip on Friday. (REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)

Israeli hostages transported in Red Cross ambulances

International Red Cross vehicles reportedly carrying Israeli hostages released by Hamas cross the Rafah border point in Gaza on the way to Egypt, from which they would be flown to Israel to be reunited with their families, on Friday. (MOHAMMED ABED/AFP via Getty Images)

The hostages will be released over a four-day period, beginning Friday, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

Israeli leaders have vowed to resume the war once the cease-fire lifts.


Hamas hostage seen at Rafah border crossing

A vehicle believed to be carrying hostages abducted by Hamas militants during the Oct. 7 attack on Israel arrives at the Rafah border amid a hostages-prisoners swap deal between Hamas and Israel, as seen from southern Gaza Strip on Friday.  (Reuters TV via Reuters)

“Israel will continue its war on Hamas and we will not stop until we achieve our two main goals, overthrowing the rule of Hamas and returning all the abductees back to us, safe and sound,” Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said Friday as he toured Israel’s ravaged border areas with his counterparts from Portugal and Slovenia.

Officials have floated the idea that the cease-fire can be extended another day for each additional group of 10 hostages released.

Hamas terrorists are believed to have taken some 240 people captive in the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel and are holding them in Gaza. 


To date, there have been more than 1,200 Israelis reported killed by Hamas, while the Hamas-run Palestinian Ministry of Health is claiming nearly 13,000 civilians have been killed by Israeli military activity in Gaza.

Fox News’ Chris Pandolfo, Lawrence Richard, Elizabeth Pritchett and Louis Casiano contributed to this report.

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