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Jennifer Lopez shares new musical video for ‘This Is Me Now’ with touching lines


Jennifer Lopez shares lifes journey on the search for the truth about the love
Jennifer Lopez shares ‘life’s journey on the search for the truth about the love’

Jennifer Lopez has delighted fans as he announced new musical experience for her much-awaited album ‘This Is Me…Now’.

Ben Affleck’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lopez, turned to her  social media accounts on Thursday to post a new video, exciting fans with visuals for her 2024 album “This Is Me…Now.”

Lopez’s clip begins with graphics reading, “HEAR IT. SEE IT. LIVE IT. SHARE IT,” over the color green, which is J.Lo’s “lucky” color and the same color as her engagement ring.

When the video ends, another message appears for fans: “This musical experience is a manifestation, through music, film and reality of a life’s journey on the search for the truth about the love”

There’s also an image of a hummingbird, which she has said is one of her favorite birds in the past. It’s followed by a supercut of images of Lopez dancing in the rain, in a factory, and at a wedding, along with several other expansive set pieces reminiscent of a classical musical.

The new album is a follow up to her third album, This Is Me…Then, released 21 years ago. That album was reported to have a number of songs inspired by her relationship at the time with Ben Affleck.

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