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King Charles seeks legal action against AI books about his cancer diagnosis

King Charles seeks legal action against AI books about his cancer diagnosis  

In a shocking turn of events, King Charles became a victim of AI as computer-generated books about his cancer diagnosis were being sold on Amazon.

The AI-penned biographies detailed the Monarch’s alleged reaction to his illness. Interestingly, the now-removed titles appeared alongside best-selling royal books on the website.

As per Daily Mail, one of the ill-informed books claimed that the King of the UK felt “fear, anger, and despair” following his diagnosis.

Another shared that the Monarch’s tumour has been removed, and he is going through a challenging period of his life after chemotherapy. 

However, Buckingham Palace condemned the AI-generated books about Charles’s illness and considered taking legal action against the predators.

The statement issued by the Palace reads, “Any such titles speculating about His Majesty’s diagnosis and treatment are intrusive, insensitive and filled with inaccuracies.”

“Our legal team will be looking at the issue closely. We call on any individuals or organisations facilitating their sale to withdraw them immediately.” 

For the unversed, Buckingham Palace made a shocking announcement on Monday, February 5, revealing that King Charles, 75, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Moreover, it has been informed that the King “has been advised by doctors to postpone public-facing duties” during his medical treatment. 

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