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Meghan Markle is breaking away from royal captivity with simple gesture

Meghan Markle is breaking away from royal captivity with simple gesture

Meghan Markle’s bid to break away from royal captivity with a simple gesture during outings has sparked a massive debate about archaic rules in Buckingham Palace.

Insights about everything have been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on things in a candid and recent piece for News.com.au and it began with her ridiculing the rule itself and saying, “It would not surprise me if they still sent out their weekly Harrods’ food hall orders via Telex or used a Morse Code beep-beep gizmo to contact their stockbrokers.”

It is because of that, that “Watching Meghan sign her name, so simple of an act and yet so meaningful, it tells us something about Royal captivity.”

“That last year Kate couldn’t make a little girl’s day because of some holdover rule from the days when the sun never set on the British Empire and the Buckingham Palace staff photo was whiter than a Napisan commercial exquisitely illustrates what it must be like to live in royal captivity.”

Before concluding she also took a sly jibe at it all and added, “It nearly feels like someone should put up a sign on the gates saying ‘Please don’t feed HRHs’.”

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