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Melissa Joan Hart’s husband ‘not interested’ in actress’ on-screen romances


Melissa Hart revealed her husband steers clear of her onscreen chemistry and past romances
Melissa Hart revealed her husband steers clear of her onscreen chemistry and past romances

Melissa Joan Hart, aged 47, while speaking exclusively to Us Weekly revealed that she doesn’t ‘owe’ her husband an explanation, when it comes to doing intimate scenes on-screen.  

While endorsing the 2023 World Vision Gift Catalog, Hart said “Luckily, he doesn’t pay attention to that stuff. He rarely looks at my social media or anything like that.”

She also added that her husband doesn’t usually ‘keep an eye’ on her.

The actor spontaneously revealed her husband isn’t really a ‘fan’, she explained: “We don’t often sit down and watch my stuff.”

Her fans are head over heels in love with Hart’s work and she takes pride in owning her Nickelodeon classics like Clarissa Explains It All and ABC’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Hart further revealed that she has been crowned as the “Queen of Christmas” for her holiday films. 

The actress reminisced on her stardom in the 90’s. The Drive Me Crazy star wishes to watch these classics with her family someday.

“I wish they would watch Holiday in Handcuffs,” she expressed. 

“That’s my favorite Christmas movie I’ve ever done, but I can’t get them to watch it. It’s so funny,” the actress giggled.

Mark Wilkerson is almost privy to Melissa’s past real-life romances but doesn’t pay heed to any headlines. 

Hart has been candid about her relationship timeline. 

Earlier this year, Melissa revealed that she dated her Nickelodeon co-star, Chris William Martin from Hey Dude.

The actress also talked about ‘having a little something’ with Ryan Reynolds on the sets of Sabrina the Teenage Witch film.

The No Good Nick actor doesn’t hold back from sharing her real life romances. 

Maybe maintaining work-life balance is ‘one of the secrets’ to a long-lasting marriage. 

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