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Sylvester Stallone confesses he wants THIS actor to be the next Rambo

Sylvester Stallone elaborates on choosing THIS actor to play the role of Rambo in future project

Sylvester Stallone has recently confessed he wants Ryan Gosling to be the next Rambo.

Dishing out his reason on the latest episode of The Tonight Show, he told the host Jimmy Fallon Ryan had so much love for Rambo character which he revealed during his conversation at a dinner.

“Ryan goes, ‘I was fascinated by Rambo and I used to go to school dressed as Rambo, and people would chase me away and I still didn’t stop, as he just kept saying that he had a lot of affiliation with Rambo,” said Sylvester.

The Expendables actor continued, “And I thought, you know, this is interesting. If I ever pass the baton, I’ll pass it on to him because he loves the character.”

Jimmy questioned whether Ryan could be the next Rambo.

Sylvester Stallone confesses he wants THIS actor to be the next Rambo

To this, Sylvester replied, “I would say yes but I don’t know if anyone would say, ‘Hey, he’s too good-looking to be Rambo.’”

Earlier, speaking to Jay Leno in 2011, Ryan discussed about seeing First Blood, the movie where Sylvester made his debut as Rambo, as a child, saying, the movie “put a spell on” him and he thought he was Rambo”.

“I even thought my face felt like Sylvester Stallone’s and I put a bunch of steak knives in my Fisher-Price Houdini kit. I took it to school the next day and I threw them at all the kids at recess,” disclosed the La La Land actor.

Meanwhile, Ryan also shared that his role as Ken in Barbie was inspired by Sylvester’s 80s-era style.

“We found out that Stallone wore a lot of minks. As long as Ken was wearing it, he was the Ken with the mink — and that separated him from the other Kens,” added Ryan.

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