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‘The Witcher’ author Andrzej Sapkowski laments unheard suggestions for TV series

‘The Witcher’ author Andrzej Sapkowski laments unheard suggestions for TV series

Hollywood writers are often subjected to stereotypical treatment by the filmmakers. 

The Witcher’s writer, Andrzej Sapkowski, has gotten first hand experience of the biased treatment as he revealed that his suggestions, for the series adapted from his work, were completely ignored by the streaming giant.

The Witcher author visits the show’s set

According to Variety magazine, Andrzej appeared in an interview at YouTube channel named Cerealkillerz and revealed, “I visited the set of The Witcher during its filming and also recommended some things,” while lamenting his ideas regarding the TV series never saw the light of the day.

Andrzej laughs off stereotypical treatment

He laughed it off saying, “It’s normal to never listen to the writers. ‘Who is this? It’s a writer. It’s a nobody’.”

Andrzej expressed his estrangement from the video game developed by Polish Developer CD Projekt Red, an adaptation of his work.

He stated that he doesn’t work with pictures, never describes them, adding, “I only play with letters because I know my reader will also see letters only.”

Andrzej said, “I look at the visual adaptations of my work and my first reaction have always been ‘Whoa! This is the way picture it’,” adding that sometimes it appears nice to him and sometime it do not.

The Witcher official trailer

The Witcher was published by the author in 1990 and since then he has published eight more novels within the same set of fantasy universe.

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