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These five accessories will glam up your Eid | The Express Tribune


According to runways and fashion shoots, these trends are all the rage this season


Panicked trips to tailors, the quest to find the perfect colour match, long hours of scanning aisles upon aisles in crowded malls – Meethi Eid is once again knocking our doors and even those indifferent to fashion must passably learn the ropes. As for fashion lovers who have been clued into the latest styles on their Instagram feeds and their favourite drama serials, there’s a lot to be done in very little time.

Some old, some new, the year 2024 has launched a fresh wave of trends in accessories and what better occasion than Eid to see which fashion statement is here to stay. From sticking bows on everything to dainty teekas, here’s how you can accessorise your Eid in five ways:

A coquette Eid

The ultra-feminine aesthetic is back with a bang and bows are leading the game. Once relegated solely to hair accessories, bows have now taken the fashion world by storm. Whether adorning your locks or gracing your bags and jewellery, bows are the must-have accessory of 2024. 

Stack them, mix them, or go for a single statement piece—whatever your preference, embody the coquette aesthetic that’s sweeping social media. With Pinterest trends singing their praises, bows promise to add a touch of whimsy to your Eid ensemble.

Cuff bracelets

Clean lines and sculptural designs will reign supreme this year. Source? All the major fall/winter 2024 runways from Gucci to Saint Laurent. Unlike many runway trends that are too daring or mismatched for desi occasions, cuff bracelets are an elegant addition that speaks modern with minimalism. 

From thin bracelets stacked delicately on your wrist to bold, singular cuffs leading the charge, these accessories can infuse both a maxi dress and a gharara with the 80s resurgence in fashion.

Chandelier earrings 

When it comes to the ear jewellry catalogue, few pieces can challenge the appeal of the good old jhumkas. Between the big statement earrings of Paris fashion shows and the chunky formal glam of our local runways, the old and familiar can hit the sweet spot between style and comfort.

Luckily for those aiming for a subtle creativity burst this Eid, there is another contender: chandelier earrings. As Mahira Khan’s recent photoshoot reminds us, both black and dangly earrings are destined to remain in vogue. Swinging gracefully with each movement, they add a luminous touch to the skin, effortlessly elevating even the simplest of outfits. It’s no wonder they have remained a staple on red carpets, adding a touch of glamour to every ensemble.

Dainty teekas

Sometime between our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations, the glorious teeka became a thing of weddings. As the fashion world revives our love for retro, making a comeback are sleek, dainty teekas that exclaim more craft than weight. 

From floral motifs to simple bead or wire work, these subtle yet striking accessories can capture the essence of traditional charm with a casual, chic twist. Crafted with intricate designs and adorned with shimmering gemstones or pearls, dainty teekas enhance the natural beauty of the wearer and are the perfect complement for saree and gharara looks this Eid.

Jewel-studded chokers

Be it a single string of beads with an eye-catching centrepiece or layers of intricately spun gemstones and pearls, chokers are another permanent fixture in the world of fashion accessories. From the Mughal royals to the French Renaissance, the neck-fitting adornment evokes the romance of bygone eras as giddily as it embraces the avant-garde of modern design.

Pair it with a sleek long dress or a basic embroidered kurta shalwar for a touch of extravagance – a solid studded choker is a sure way to make a memorable impression on an Eid.

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