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Waqar Zaka tried to sabotage my position: Nida Yasir | The Express Tribune


Veteran morning show host of Good Morning Pakistan Nida Yasir recently made a guest appearance on Hasna Mana Hai, hosted by Tabish Hashmi. From accusing Waqar Zaka of sabotaging her position as morning show host to frequently becoming the subject of memes, Nida divulged various facets of her 15-year-long hosting career.

“Waqar Zaka tried very hard to get me replaced. He ran a long campaign to sabotage my position,” the host alleged. She also expressed her confusion about the entrepreneur-host’s animosity towards her.

Nida recounted, “He was very cordial towards me when he was working at the same channel but then he left. I had nothing to do with that.” The celebrity shared how Waqar kept sending emails to the channel’s management to get her removed from the show. “I don’t know what I ever did to him,” she added.

Nida also discussed her notoriety in meme culture, referring to an instance from Shoaib Akhtar’s show from earlier this year when she failed to answer a trick question about cricket. She said, “I try to avoid ‘becoming’ a meme but everyone scrutinises me as if there are no other morning shows.”

She continued, “I asked Shoaib bhai to not ask me any cricket-related questions because I don’t follow the sport. But the first question he asked me was about cricket.” Nida recalled how she blanked out completely because she wasn’t expecting the question and ended up saying the first thing that came to her mind.

However, she disclosed that while the trolling dampens her spirits, her family encourages her to laugh it off. “My family enjoys this and tries to get me to see the humour in it because I often get depressed,” Nida said.

In response to why she doesn’t act anymore, the morning show host cited a lack of time due to various domestic affairs. She laughindly said, “I have three children of different ages and their father is no less of a child himself. This is why I can’t give any time to acting.”

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