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What’s the Taylor Swift-effect on NFL? Ask Drew Bledsoe!

NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe favours in Taylor Swift’s NFL coverage 

Taylor Swift again gained support from another NFL player over the attention the popstar has been getting in the NFL.

Legendary NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe expressed gratitude for the attention Taylor Swift’s getting during football, calling it “entirely a positive [thing].”

“She’s dating an incredibly cool dude, that happens to be a [future] Hall of Fame football player and it’s a cool story,” the star QB says.

“I think it’s a very authentic thing. And I don’t see any negatives to it at all.”

Bledoe, who confesses his children introduced him to Swift’s music, believes the singer’s devotion to the league has been particularly notable in terms of attracting more women to the game.

“I was like every other dad out there for a while where I was annoyed as hell that they were showing Taylor Swift all the time,” he admits.

“But she’s arguably the most famous person in the world. And if anything, you got a lot of new people watching the game, especially a lot of daughters who would never have been interested in a football game.”

“All of a sudden,” Bledsoe adds, “they’re sitting there with dad watching the game – and that’s been incredible.”

While he does not know Swift personally, the four-time Pro Bowler and 2001 Super Bowl champion says he is friendly with Kelce and has previously spoken with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, describing him as “an amazing human.”

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