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Will Christmas be white in UK, USA this year? Experts weigh in


With just a month until Dec 25, meteorologists are examining the possibilities for snow in the UK and USA on big day

Heavy snow in Kanazawa, in Japans Ishikawa Prefecture, on Friday.—Reuters
Heavy snow in Kanazawa, in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture, on Friday.—Reuters 

As the festive season approaches, the age-old question of a white Christmas sparks curiosity, particularly for those planning holiday travels. 

With just over a month until December 25, meteorologists are examining the possibilities for snow in the UK and USA.

USA forecasts

The Met Office refrains from firm Christmas Day predictions, emphasising the challenge of forecasting snow weeks in advance due to subtle temperature variations influencing rain or snow. 

Meanwhile, forecasters explore the impact of El Niño on December weather patterns, noting a tendency towards warmth in the US outside the Southwest, potentially reducing the chances of a white Christmas.

Despite uncertainties, meteorologists acknowledge the complexity of long-range climate forecasts, emphasising probabilities over deterministic predictions.

Predictions for UK

In the UK, the Met Office’s latest forecast for December indicates temperatures near or slightly above average, with occasional frost and wintry showers. 

However, Christmas Day projections remain elusive, with the Met Office highlighting the difficulty of predicting weather a month in advance.

Forecasters emphasise the probabilistic nature of long-range climate predictions, recognising the challenges in making deterministic forecasts several weeks ahead.

While some areas may face reduced chances of a snowy Christmas, uncertainties persist, with experts monitoring atmospheric patterns that could influence weather conditions in the coming weeks.

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